Neo Camerata - The Juliet Letters

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 13, 2018
Event Time: 
7 PM
Tickets still available at the door - $35

Emotionally Stirring - Technically Impressive . . .

Neo Camerata returns to the Cave Throne Room for a performance of "The Juliet Letters,” presented by Sergio Cepeda (tenor) and the Neo Camerata String Quartet - Stephen Page and Marina Dichenko (violins), Mark Landson (viola), and John Landefeld (cello).  Learn more about the performers/program.

"The Juliet Letters" is a moving song cycle collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Brodsky String Quartet. Inspired by real-life letters written to Shakespeare’s fictional Juliet Capulet, the work takes us on a journey of enduring love, family disputes, chain letters, and suicide notes. The cycle is a bridge between pop and classical music but is best placed "in the classical genre because it does what the greatest classical music does. It takes one on a journey of emotions over time, rather than setting up a groove with hooks and playing it out." (Mark Landson)

A concert of Neo Camerata is often described as “A Journey of Mind and Emotion.” The group has performed at the Cannes Film Festival, the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, in concert halls and rock clubs, with symphony orchestras and pop stars. Critics have proclaimed Neo Camerata a “genre-busting,” “technically impressive,” “emotionally stirring,” and “totally cool and amazing” experience.

Event press release.

Elvis Costello's liner notes for The Juliet Letters (1993).