Welcome to Cave Without a Name

Eleven miles northeast of Boerne, in the heart of the scenic, rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, Cave Without a Name is a natural, living cavern.  Some say the most beautiful in Texas.

The Cave is filled with spectacular formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites, delicate Soda Straws, Cave Drapery, magnificent Flowstones, Rimstone Dams, and more.  Enjoy a tour of the six major rooms in comfort; 66 degrees year-round, easy walkways, brilliant lighting.  Visit the photo gallery for a sneak preview, then plan an unforgettable adventure you will remember forever... 

The Rocky Food Court

Imagineer food shapes in the cave - all very hard and zero calories , , ,
     Grapes - Multi Dip Ice Cream - Bacon and Egg - Popcorn - Carrot

Nature’s artistic designs are plentiful at Cave Without A Name, one discovers something new with every visit.  Cool is one of the terms for views in the cave.  Others are fabulous, fantastic, magnificent, amazing . . .

Visit soon and find your own superlative to describe the beauty of nature.

Calling all Scouting Groups

Are you a member of a scouting group? Are you looking for an exciting, educational, and affordable fieldtrip or camp-site? Cave Without A Name is the perfect location for you! Our price structure is very reasonable. We have camping, hiking, gemstone panning, geode cutting, and, of course, an awesome cave! Check out what we have to offer and then Contact us to find out more!